Africa and the 'New World Order'


ONYILOGWU, Kenechukwu Obuekwe
Departement of : POLITICAL SCIENCE, University of Nigeria,Nsukka


New international economic order, economic and social development, international relations, international politics, New World Order, Africa


It is now recognized that 'new' international
relations now obtain. The collapse of communism in
Eastern Europe; the end of the cold war; and .the
subsequent break-up of the·soviet Union into its ·
constituent Rep,ublics, have led to what is now
regarded as a 'ne~ world order'. This new global
dispensàtion. is essentially a unipolar order ·
characterized by the preponderance of the capitalist
west the United States of America.
Within the framework of the world-sy~tem
theory, an attempt is made in this research work to
discover the impact the new world order is having
on Africa.
The central thesis of this study is that, on
the aggregate, the new wor1d order impedes African
development due to Africa's peripheral positio~ in
the world capitalist .system. The new world order
represents an increased entrenchment of the
capitalist mode of productio~ globally~ As
predicted by the world-system theory, it is a.
continuation of the process of peripheralization
and underdevelopment of Africa.


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October 23, 1992

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