A comparative analysis of credit use and repayment performance of group and non-group women farmers under the community banking system in Enugu State




comparative analysis, credit use and repayment, performance, non-group women farmers


The study compared .the creclit use and rcpayrncnt performance of group and non-groups ,vomen farmers undcr the cornnrnnity hanking, system in Fnugu State. The spcci lie objectives inclucled to: clescribc the characleristics of the
women farmers and their use of credit, cletermine the fnctor that influence their I0ar1 repaymcnl performance, compare the creclit use and repaymenl · perfornwnce of group and non group women farrncrs, predict the credit risk position of the gî'oup and non-group wornen farrners and iclentify the problem faced by loan beneficiaries and bank officiais in· credit administration.
Multistagc random sampling technique was usecl in selecting respondents. The respondents used credit mainly for either crop or animal fanning. ln crop farming, they used creclit in a decreasing orcler, from buying of inputs, increasing the number of hectares unclcr cultivation, hiring of labour to storing of their products. On the other hancl, in animal farrning, the trend was in a decreasinf:.:.order from increasing stock, buying more drugs (medication) buying more têeds to hiring laboui·. Regression analysis for. group and non-group women former borrmvers con1l~incd showccl th,1t age, houschold size, net cash income group or non-group


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July 4, 2023

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