A socio-economic appraisal of inland water transport in Sudan


EL KHIDER, Mohammed Osman


Inland water transport, rivers, transport policy, pricing, transport economics, transport infrastructure, modes of transport, inland waterways, transport corporations, river navigation, Sudan


The aim of this study is to contribute in the scientific knowledge with some insights of Sudan's experience in inland water transport. Such an effort can not be materialized unless it is based on some elements of the social sciences. Although we are making use of the differen! human knowledge available at different branches of science, of both natural and social ones, our major theme is based on some of the theories of sociology of development and the economics of transport. At a very general level of both sciences, we are going to consider specific and relevant theories which are to be under careful analysis in testing river transport in Sudan. Thus, we are planning to apply cost - benefit and inductive analysis to base -line data and address the systems' poor fleet capacity utilization and check the rising cost - revenue ratios. Sudan, as an underdeveloped country, should build up a genuine development strategy which can improve the conditions of the total population .To do this, among other economic measures, there is an urgent need to restructuring transportation net works which are currently designed to provide removal of the export product to the capitalist centres and reorienting other infrastructural facilities to meet the needs of domestic production for the producers' consumption. On the other hand, for the sake of making comparative advantages with other international systems, we have to analyse the empirical situation in Sudan. By doing so, we are attempting a practical interest, hoping to come up with a comprehensive strategy and policy recommendation, that can enhance social and economic. returns to river transport in Sudan and other developing countries, particularly in Africa.


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