Agricultural information source use by women farmers in Orumba north local government aea of anambra state


Departement of : Agricultural EXTENSION, University of Nigeria,Nsukka


Agricultural information, agricultural extension, farmers, women, information sources, agricultural productivity, Anambra State, Nigeria


This study was aimed at identifying the various
sources of farm information accessible to women farmers
in Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State;
determining to what extent they use the information
sources; ascertaini:"1g t!-le relationship between selected
socio-economic c11aracte1·istics of wornen fai:-mers and
their use of the sources of farm inforna tion; and al so
ascertaining 0ene.ral and spe;::ific attitudes of the women
farmers towc~:dis the ir.farmation source a.,5 a measure of
source c1·edibil'lty·.2.nd salience.
An interv'lew scnedule was used to elicit ~nformation
from the women farmers with the aid.of the women
leaders in each of b1e tcwns under study, while the
scheduJ.e ·,,:Rs given to the educated ones to fill as
questionnaire. A simple random sanple of 100 respondents
in five towns from t'1e study area was taken.
statistical tec!.niqμes used for data analysis
included percentage, mean scores, standard deviation
and correiation. 


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June 18, 1994

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