Adoption of energy saving technology in Khartoum state: the case of improved charcoal-cooking stove.


ELWASILA, Mukhtar Mohamed


Energy conservation, energy supply Remove, Energy conservation supply biomass, Remove biomas ssocial, Remove social


Environmental conservation is becoming an increasingly important issue, stressed allover the world. Factors that minimize
the eradication of the natural green cover are currently considered by· many countries world-wide. In the last decade, Sudan took practical steps for testing and disseminating energy saving technologies. Some Governmental° and non-governmental organizations exerted efforts to disseminate the improved charcoal-cooking stoves after they are proved to be effective and efficient in reducing the total amount of charcoal consumed by the household sector, which is considered as the main charcoal consuming sector in Sudan. This study is primarily accentuated to examine the adoption of improved stoves as energy saving technology in Khartoum State; factors affecting rate of adoption and respondent innovativeness. Primary data was collected through face-to-face interviews with stratified random sample of respondents in Khartoum State. Simple descriptive statistics and path analysis which use multiple regression method were used to analyze the data. The study revealed the limited knowledge of the population about the importance of conserving the· environment. The statistical result,s. showed that, the adoption rate of the improved stoves in Khartoum State is very low, and the possible factors beyond this low rate were examined in the course of this study. The regression results showed that, people accept new ideas when they feel their tangible relative advantages. Those who


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July 6, 2023

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