A study and investigation of performance pattern and contributory factors of COSC geography candidates in Lesotho high schools during the period 1986-1990




investigation, performance pattern, contributory factors, geography candidates, Lesotho high schools


The major research problematique that prompted the researcher to embark on this study is the continuous poor performance of candidates in Lesotho in cosc geography examination. This problem is coupled with declining number of High schools offering the subject in the country per year. A descriptive research method was adopted in the study. The study was carried out on a population of twenty-eight High schoolsJout of forty-four High schools that offer the subject in the country. A sample of twelve High schools was selected using 'a stratified random selection. A set of three questionnaires was supplemented by unstructured interview in collecting data. The collected data was analyzed using Lotus 1 2 3 and SPSS version 10 computer packages. The settyping was done using WP s.1. 


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July 20, 1993