Changes in the roles of Women in West Jebel Marra Region


MAHMOUD, Mohamed lntissar
University of Khartoum


roles, women, jabel Marra


This research tackles the new changes in the roles of women as they affected by the different developmental, environmental,
geological, security and service~rendering factors accruing in society. It further studies the extent of change in the role of
women as has been precipitated by these factors-particularly the burden of gender's role, the cha' nge in the women's expertise and the change in the ktnd of·work they perform.

The researc,h delineates the chronological, spatial and human frameworks. The site chosen was Nyertety rural town in Jebel
Mara area, where the rural environmental elements produced many changes that have their impact on women and their activities. The aforementioned area also has many historical and contemporary characteristics which contribute to the subject matter of the research. The human aspect of the research is focusing on the Fur. As for the temporal dimension the era of eighties and after when some various applications for development were taking place in the area. The area also witnessed at that specific period some natural and demographic changes which have had their own impact on the role and experiences of women, as well as the work they practise or that which they have already ceased to perform.


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July 12, 2023

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