The islamic national front : it's economic, financial, organizational, social and political power


MAHMOUD, Yasir Khidir
University of Khartoum


Islam, Islamic national front


This research handles studying and analysing Islamic National Front (INF) organization with different sources of books, memoes , interviews, docu;_,ments and field visions to have a focus on the multi-activities within this organization since the National Reconcilation with May Regine in 197.7 up to the uttimation of the 3rd democratic system in June 30, 1989 and it is to be rendered that the motive of thi·s reseach rampants in the (INF) private self-momentum portraying its mode upon the Sudan political life , having its hands upon the cultural features of the Sudanese human beings measured with its short organising age in comparison with the other political powers.
Thè. research at the outset deals with the financial and economic structure of the (INF) and its commercial & investing activities, illustrat­ ing its most important contribution and additions in the economic pivot as considered the basic prode in the awareness of the ( INF) that formates the sturdy doundation to have on able highly effective political organiza­tion.
The research also concerns with the moving and organizing capabiti­ lies of the (INF) , handling·the administrate , organising frame work, con­ centrating on its informing , securing and propaganolic device , stressing on the event·sthat have apparent conotations of the (INF) highly and effec­ tively ability irt the field .of organizing , moving and mobilizing .
The research also concerns with the resources of the political ability of (INF) representing september law, issued by Nimeri in 1983 , its sustai­ nance to the Sudanese Armed Forces, its Foreign and Political Relations and the aftermath of the Public Elections April 1986, for the consequences of these outfits the very clear effect upon the thought and behaviour of substantial
sector of people through suspensing other party's organizing potentialies, having been - in reaction - prompted to the (INF's) bursting political discourse. The research concludes to important directives and effects that Islamic powers compased of (INF)
and its boosting forces tap the Sudan socio­ economic situations through explicit and implicrt inslitutions , represent­ ing banks, humanitarian societies and organizations.
The research ends that (INF) through inserpable work and thought es­ tablishes a distinctive social political economical ·and organising stand with it's extremely difficult to have any logical d political equatibn without having (INF) and its political reflections intrinsically in it.


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July 12, 2023

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