White Ferocity: The Genocides of Non-Whites and Non-Aryans from 1492 to Date



Author: Rosa Amelia Plumelle-Uribe

CODESRIA, Dakar, 2020, ISBN : 978-2-86978-723-0

The slave trade, the conquest of the Americas and the invasion of Africa have deeply transformed the relations between Europeans and other groups. The jump from difference to superiority and racial hierarchy was so swift that it led to the moral collapse of Europe and North America. By shifting the devaluation of so-called ‘inferior’ beings from non-Whites to non-Aryans, Nazism committed the unforgivable crime of bringing into the heart of the European world a ferocity up to then reserved for other continents. In this book, White Ferocity: The Genocides of Non-Whites and Non-Aryans from 1492 to Date, Plumelle-Uribe investigates and demonstrates, with harrowing evidence and analyses, how Europeans justified the destruction of other peoples as unavoidable based on the officially declared belief of others being inferior.

Rosa Amelia Plumelle-Uribe is a lawyer and essayist from Colombia based in France. Her historical essays denounce white sovereignty, slave trafficking and massacres of indigenous peoples in Africa and the Americas. Works by Plumelle-Uribe include Traite des Blancs, traites des Noirs (L’Harmattan, 2008); Victimes des esclavagistes musulmans, chrétiens et juifs (Anibwé, 2012); 13 novembre 2015. Victimes innocentes des guerres (Anibwé, 2016); and contributions in collected works such as Esclavage, colonisation, libérations nationales (L’Harmattan, 2000), Déraison, esclavage et droit (UNESCO, 2006), Crimes de l’histoire et réparations (Bruylant, 2004), and 50 ans après, quelle indépendance pour l’Afrique (Philippe Rey, 2010) among others.


Rosa Amelia Plumelle-Uribe’s book needed to be written; now it must be read. The magnitude of the crimes described in detail in this book cannot be disputed. ...In my view one might be tempted to say all this belongs to the past. But it should not be an excuse to forget history and the questions that still affect the reality of our world. The year 1492 is not a random date. Not the year of the ‘discovery of America’. The year 1492 is when the conquest and destruction of the Americas by Europeans began. Plumelle-Uribe is right to say that the ferocity of the Nazis is not an anomalous, inexplicable occurrence. It is integral to the rationale for implementing ferocity, which, I once again stress, is inherent to capitalism. To understand where this ferocity originates, look at the logic of capital: accumulate, accumulate, regardless of the price (in human terms)..”
– Samir Amin (1931–2018) Professor of Economics and former Director of Third World Forum, Dakar, Senegal

Rosa Amelia Plumelle-Uribe’s work will be struck down by those who glancing through it will form their opinions on the basis of the table of contents, and those who spending just a little more time, but not much, will in one fell swoop dismiss that this Black woman writing about Black people has the distance allowed to anyone speaking about the history of the calamities which have happened where they come from.
 Louis Sala-Molins, Emeritus Professor of Political Philosophy, Université Paris 1 and Université de Toulouse 2, France


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July 13, 2020

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