Diversity and the essence of Pan-African Arts


Bouchra Sidi-Hida (ed)


art, arts, Bouchra, Culture, diversité, essence, FESPACO, Pan-African, Sidi-Hida


The Arts, artistic, and literary production in Africa are echoes of Africa’s cultural heritage in its diversities, essence, values, realities, and contradictions, being transmitted across generations. These resonances are translated in different ways from one period to another and from one culture to the other. They propagate the authentic image that Africa has of itself in its enthusiasms, its sufferings, its discomforts, its challenges, and its resilience to surpass itself, live the present, and imagine its future. The collection of chapters in this book was first presented as part of the CODESRIA Humanities Institute that took place on the sidelines of the bi-annual Pan-Africa Film and Television Festival, Fespaco, in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in 2019. The institute convened African researchers and artists to reflect on the possibilities and implications of (re)making the memory and history of the (Pan)African arts, as part of a process of problematizing attitudes toward the past and the future.



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Author Biographies

Bouchra Sidi-Hida

holds a Ph.D. in social sciences from the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), Belgium. She has been a senior researcher at CERSS in Morocco and is currently Programme Officer at CODESRIA. Sidi-Hida is an associate researcher with several research centres including the LPED of the University of Aix Marseille, France. She is the author of several articles and books and a member of several international research networks such as LMI Movida on migration.

Fatima Zohra Ifl ahen

L’ouvrage fait échos à une mémoire collective dans ce que la culture qu’elle produit a de plus intime au contact de l’altérité, et redéfi nit les rôles des artistes comme faiseurs de lien entre pratiques, savoirs et connaissances d’hier et d’aujourd’hui, d’ici et d’ailleurs. Université Cadi Ayad, Marrakech Maroc

Mamadou Diouf

S’appuyant sur un examen minutieux des cultures, des arts plastiques, du cinéma, du théâtre et des nouvelles sciences de l’information et de la communication, Diversité et essence des arts panafricains est une contribution convaincante à l’entreprise de construction de la bibliothèque des humanités africaines/noires inaugurée par le CODESRIA. Columbia University, New York, États Unis


October 24, 2022

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